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Whatever the moment, the music or the memory. Feel it.

Memorable moments music gave me.

My most inspiring moments in music:

They don’t call her Queen for no reason. Queen B, for her Mrs. Carter tour. This was the first concert I ever attended of her. And I was amazed and utterly blown away by every element in her show. I could, in fact, write an entire essay about the visual album she released, the Superbowl Halftime before her album release as part of an excellent marketing strategy, her set, playlist on set, aspects of the stage, her crew, and her excellent performing skills on its own. And if you don’t know, she is an artist that chooses her platform to educate and to uses to send definitive clear messages without speaking in the media about it. She is an advocate for feminism & BLM. And this is only halfway in her career. I do think she deserves way more credit than she is already getting. And I can’t wait to be surprised by her next moves.

It’s possible to grow with an artist as you keep an eye out for their journey. This was the comeback of Justin Bieber as his ego made him fall down in front of the whole world. Keep in mind that he was just a kid and was judged for everything he did. We’re all human and we all make mistakes. This was an inspiring moment because he chose to put his pain into his music and art. And this was the start of an era where a new sound was created. Pop blended with the unique sound Skrillex provides and topped off with the sound effects of Diplo. At 5:00 you can see the peak point of this performance where both Diplo & Skrillex are playing their hearts out with the entire orchestra. While Justin is being Justin.

There are some artists that can completely own an entire genre or create it. Lana Del Rey is one of those people. From visuals, sound, wardrobe, and album concepts. She takes you on a journey to the past in my opinion. And makes you relive those golden years in her own vision. And the lyrics are definitely profound enough to ask your significant other.

Covers can master the element of surprise. Learn to love being surprised and not be biased by a thumbnail. Explore and widen your horizon in music. That’s all I have to say.

Drake is a legend. We don’t have to wait for people to die like Michael Jackson to truly appreciate what they are doing now. Drake has shown us that he can top the charts for over 10 years. By simply being himself and learning from other musical influences, creating a platform for new artists, and collaborating with them. Blending his music in different styles. He is one of the few artists that touched different domains, like a true entrepreneur. His own clothing line and music label OVO. Working together with one of the biggest brands, Nike. While feuding with Kanye West. If you don’t know Kanye West was actually working with Adidas at the time. And Drake mentioned in his lyrics a few times;

‘’Don’t Wear no 350’s around me’’

‘’Checks over Stripes’’

Drake handled all his feuds with a certain finesse or resolves them in an eloquent way. I am referring to the video with Chris Brown. He can laugh at himself and learn from his past in order to do better and create new projects. He is very dynamic in his career, starting out with acting and keeping that element with his rapping career. Started out with a rap mixtape, incorporating the singing element and releasing hits albums after each other. Knows when to pay his respects to people mentoring/inspiring him throughout his life and career. He definitely ranks in the same category as Beyonce. Both also do a lot for charities. Drake’s budget for the video down below was nearly 1 million which he decided to spend on people who actually needed it. Even though it was a great marketing strategy he definitely changed their lives and the people who viewed the video. And that’s what's it all about.

What are your most memorable moments?



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